International Geosynthetics SocietyInternational Geosynthetic Society - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetics and associated technologies. Geosynthetics are synthetic products used in civil engineering, such as fabrics (geotextiles), flexible membranes (geomembranes), etc. The IGS was founded in Paris, on 10 November 1983, by a group of geotechnical engineers and textile specialists.  The Society brings together individual and corporate members from all parts of the world who are involved in the teaching, design, manufacture, sale, use or testing of geosynthetics.  The IGS has 1869 individual members and 112 corporate members from 68 countries, as well as 126 student members. There are 27 national or regional chapters of the IGS representing 94% of the membership.   -


IGS UK - The UK Chapter of the IGS.  -



BOSTD Geosynthetics China BOSTD Geosynthetics China - Manufacture a range of integral E’GRID® Biaxial and Uniaxial Geosynthetic geogrids on the world’s first fully integrated, continuous process geogrid production lines. This was the first Chinese geosynthetic manufacturing facility to achieve ISO 9001-2000 certification and approval to CE Mark its products -

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