Creep Performance

In situations where geosynthetic reinforcement is subject to permanent loading, e.g. reinfoced soil walls and steep slopes, the limiting feature of their performance is creep.  Therefore this must be fully understood before a product can be safely used in design.

Although in use the product will be subject to only a temperature of 10-300C, testing at this temperature alone in a sensible time-frame does not provide a safe prediction  of the expected performance of a product in the design lives of 50-120 years that are normal for permanent Civil Engineering structures.  To make this safe prediction accelerated testing at elevated temperatures is required.

The range of tests carried out on the E'GRID 50-170R geogrids and the analysis of the results are described in the following document.  From the analysis this document also provides the data needed for long-term design with these products.

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Creep Performance Report: E'GRID 50-170R

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