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June 2009

If you are based or working in Africa and needing geogrids then meet Nigel Wrigley of NewGrids Ltd at GeoAfrica.  Contact him via or +447887995321 or via Reception at the Cape Sun Hotel to arrange an appointment.  We will be pleased to discuss your geosynthetic needs for all countries of Africa

14th January 2008

2nd International E'GRID Distributors Conference
and Software Workshop
9th to 11th January 2008
Over 40 delegates from E'GRID distributors based in 23 countries took part in the Conference in Bangkok on 9th January 2008 at the Montien Riverside Hotel.  The objective of the day was a  free exchange of all technical and commercial information to the benefit of all concerned.  This was achieved with a programme of 12 presentations from different countries interspersed with sessions of lively discussion.  The closing highlight of the day was a Keynote Lecture by John W Cowland of Geosystems Ltd on the use of HDPE geogrids to increase the capacity of landfills.
The Conference was followed by a Software Workshop on the 10th & 11th January sponsored by NewGrids Limited and Beijing Orient Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd..  It was given by Dov and Ora Leshchinsky of Adama Engineering.

The highlight of  this workshop was the international launch of ReSSA 3.0.  This new version of Adama's industry-leading software incorporates many improvements, particularly in data input and the exploration of what-if scenarios.  Without doubt, these enhancements will reinforce ReSSA's position as the software of choice for the design of soil structures.  Also presented was the latest. Vista-compliant version of MSEW 3.0.
The audience of 50 included a number of prominent Thai Geotechnical Consultants and Academics who took the opportunity to bring students and assistant geotechnical engineers to take part in the Workshop.  All present recognised the enhanced technical merits ReSSA 3.0 and MSEW 3.0 and stood in line to purchase the first copies of these programs.

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