E’GRID Integral Geogrids

    & associated products


    E’GRID® Biaxial Geogrids: Balanced structures with equal MD and TD strength. These give optimal reinforcement of soft ground and pavement structures, reducing the damage induced by traffic loading.  These are also available as composites with non-woven geotextile for convenience of installation of a separation layer with the reinforcing geogrid.

    E’GRID® Uniaxial Geogrids: Cost-effective reinforcement of walls, abutments and slopes under sustained loading and aggressive chemical environments.

    E’GRID®  FG Glass-Fibre grids for the reinforcement of asphalt pavements providing extended life and reduced life-cycle costs

    E’GRID®  GC Geocells for erosion control.  Also for the  reinforcement of pavements where marginal fill, e.g. desert sand, is to be used.

    E’DRAIN® Tri-planar and Bi-Planar geonets to provide optimized drainage capabilities for all projects.  These are also available as geocomposites with non-woven geotextile on one or both sides as required to meet project specifications.

    All are available through a world-wide network of distributors experienced in the use of geosynthetics


    Safe and economical solutions for soil reinforcement and stabilisation using geogrids and associated products






























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